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305 Elite is a luxury level concierge service that places a premium on quality and customer service as our clients strive to get the “best out of life.
We have one of the most expansive variety of sports, luxury, and supercars in the country.

We pride ourselves on not only helping you to experience life’s best luxuries, but also place a heavy emphasis on giving back to our immediate community of Miami, FL through our non-profit, Cease Fire (link to
We value making connections, and using our networks to give you the best of what God has blessed us to have stewardship over. While boasting a clientele of notable celebrities, athletes, and CEO’s from all over the world we value everyone and especially the common man because we are share a passion for life and taking full advantage of what it has to offer.

We hold fast to the principals of privacy and anonymity when appropriate. Our customer’s complete satisfaction is our only concern.

Call us today and begin living elite.

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